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June 21, 2018

Gaby Hernandez, ghernandez@lbirc.org, (760)277-0791

TRUMP’S POLICIES of jailing asylum seekers and separating families through deportations of parents are immoral and unnecessary.  

Long Beach—In response  to the recent decision made by the Trump administration, the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition provides the following statement:

This executive order announced yesterday which calls for children to stay with their parents while their parents are detained at the border does nothing to solve the problem of an incoherent, contradictory, and ineffective U.S. immigration policy.

Holding parents and children in immigration detention centers while their claims are processed not only adds trauma to an already risky and traumatic journey that they have undertaken as a result of desperation, but violates their basic rights to the legal counsel that is essential to a fair hearing. The same is true for parents who already live in the U.S. with their children but are rounded up in ICE raids and suddenly separated from their children through detention or deportation.

The Executive Order announced today does little to address the problem of an out of control Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency and a current set of immigration policies that are cruel and ineffective. We need to do everything in our power to stop unjust deportations that separate families and traumatize immigrant parents and children.

We cannot be bystanders to these atrocities. Join us in our fight to preserve the basic human rights of all human beings. Join us in our campaign by calling Long Beach city officials to stop the family separation machine with the passage of a clean Long Beach Values Act that will limit city cooperation with ICE by eliminating the loopholes that exclude some immigrants because of their past history with the justice system. We need to help our children avoid permanent trauma as a result of violence, persecution and racism, and create communities and a nation where they can be healthy and thrive.



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